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Help Desk

About Your Prescription
We are required by law to verify your current contact lens prescription. The Contact Lens Store will only honor valid prescriptions specified by your eye doctor. A contact lens prescription is valid for 1 year if no expiration date is specified. As practitioners, we recommend annual eye exams to check the health of your eyes and fine-tune your prescription.


If you're a first-time customer, please fax us your current prescription as soon as possible. If you can't find your current hardcopy prescription, print out our Contact Lens Release Form, ask your doctor to fill it out, then fax it to us. We cannot fill expired prescriptions.


If you're a returning customer... we have your prescription on file.


To expedite your order, always provide your eye doctor's name and telephone number on the secure checkout form. Our representatives will call to verify your prescription and insure prompt delivery of your order.



How do I Order?
Ordering Online is as Easy as 1, 2, 3 !


To place your confidential order on the Web, just follow these three simple steps. You'll need your current prescription in front of you. Everything else is already on these Web pages.


1. Find your lens from our detailed price listings.

Select your lens. Use our comprehensive listing to choose the brand and lens you want. You can

* Browse by Brand: B&L, Ciba, Cooper and Acuvue
* Browse by Lens type: Disposable, Daily Wear, Extended Wear, Tint, Toric or Multi-focal


2. Enter your prescription and desired order quantity.

First, you'll enter your prescription information. Our menu-style entry helps ensure that your input is accurate. Next, fill in the quantity you're ordering; place your order in your virtual shopping cart; and double-check all information before continuing.


3. Order online through our secure checkout counter.

Your express checkout is a simple two-page process. First you'll provide your shipping address and your doctor's name, phone, and fax for verification in case of errors.


Then proceed to our real-time credit verification page. Here you'll have a chance to double-check your order, correct any erroneous input, and enter your credit card information to complete the transaction.


To begin your online order process, click on the Browse by Brand or Browse by Lens button at the top of the page.


Ordering two different types of lenses is just as easy.


For the Right eye:

1. Select your first lens from the Browse by Lens page or Browse by Brand page

2. Enter your prescription information for the Right eye. Do not bother setting lens parameters for the Left eye. Click on the Add to Cart button.

3. In the shopping cart, enter a zero (0) in the quantity field for the Left eye. Click on the Continue Browsing button, which will take you back to the catalog listings that you came from (Browse by Lens or Browse by Brand page).

For the Left eye:

1. Select your Left lens from the Browse by Lens page or Browse by Brand page.

2. Enter your prescription information for the Left eye. Do not bother setting lens parameters for the Right eye. Click on the Add to Cart button.

3. In the shopping cart, enter a zero (0) in the quantity field for the Right eye you do not want. Click on the Update Cart button to review your changes or click on the Secure Checkout button, which also updates your changes.


Shipping Information
US and International Shipping Rates

1. Next business day is $17.95 and is subject to possible delays resulting from late order placement, calling doctors to verify prescriptions and lens availability. Shipping cutoff times are 2:00 PM EST. Toric lenses and custom contacts are subject to availability.

2. Standard delivery in the US is $7.95. All packages are insured and take 2 to 5 business days.

4. Please provide an appropriate daytime shipping address to receive your order during the course of normal business hours. Many shippers require a signature for deliveries.

5. We do not ship orders internationally

6. If you are at the office, provide your work address in the shipping area of the order form. Otherwise, please leave a note on your door instructing the shipper of your drop-off preferences.